Black seedless table grapes

Spontella variety

We produce two seedless table grapes qualities very appreciated by international market.

Midnight Beauty

It’s a variety with large grapes, crunchy and sweet with a low level of acidity and a fruit full of antioxidants and C vitamin. These black grapes have longish bunch and resistant to crushing.

Harvest period from July to September

Summer Royal

It’s a variety presenting big round grapes. The dark black of the peel contains a juicy pulp of red and white color.

Harvest period from July to August

Black table grapes with seeds

Spontella variety

We produce “Black Pearl” variety with seeds, one of the most appreciated cultivar by consumers to taste until December.

Black Pearl

It’s a variety originating in California. The bunch, characterized for the beauty of his aesthetic aspect, has conic-pyramidal form and is large. The grape, with a cylindrical-elliptic form, has medium/large dimensions. The taste is sweet and the grape has a black-purple color with pruinose moderately thick peel.

Harvest period from October to December

eat well, live better

Curative benefits of the grapeseed

Grape seeds have important properties for our health. They possess excellent cures for our body, our beauty, our youth and also to lose weight.

  1. Fight the time’s effects
    They contain collagen and resveratrol, fundamental to fight the time’s effects and to reduce wrinkles.
  2. Purify blood
    The flavonoids reinforce blood vessels and purify blood from the excess of medicines and other damaging elements.
  3. Anti-inflammatory
    They prove to be useful in contrasting side effects of chemotherapy, reducing the inflammations.
  4. Reinforce hair
    They reinforce follicles facilitating blood’s circulation in blood vessels of scalp.
  5. Improve the sight
    Thanks to E vitamin, they help to improve the sight and reduce eyes’ tiredness.
  6. Antioxidant
    They are rich of phenolic which has a strong antioxidant action, coupled with tocopherol and proanthocyanidins.

Productive cycle


The productive process of Spontella table grapes includes various working made in strategic moments for the ideal growth of fruit. 4 fundamental steps can be identified, which precede and accompany productive cycle of grapes till the harvest: preparation of soil, replantation and disposition of the plant, grafting of variety, various interventions (pruning, green pruning, girdling, defoliation, millerandage, harvest).

Grapes-based recipes

From starter to dessert

Table grapes, fruit with a thousand varieties, rich of healthy salutary properties, perfect to eat at the end of the meal but also precious ingredient for a lot of tasty recipes.
As starter to flavour crostoni or ingredient for the preparation of risotto; grapes offer something more in kitchen: we selected three recipes, from starter to dessert, by Valentina De Palma, known for participating to transmissions on Gambero Rosso, La7 and for broadcasting “Chef in tacchi a spillo” on Telenorba.

Spontella’s Farm was founded in 1956 when, in Ginosa, Vito Spontella established the production of table grapes with sheeted structure, absolutely innovative at that time. In a short time, first Spontella's grapes, then apricots became synonymous of quality and highly appreciated by national and foreign markets.