Apricots-based recipes

Three exclusive recipes with particular taste

Apricots are typical fruits of hot seasons. From May to August is possible to find them on fruit stands and they’re a precious ingredient to prepare excellent dishes.
We selected three recipes by Valentina De Palma, known for participating to transmissions on Gambero Rosso, La7 and for broadcasting “Chef in tacchi a spillo” on Telenorba.

BBQ apricots

For an alternative barbecue delicious grilled apricots can be proposed to our guests.

For 4 people
12 apricots, 150 ml extra virgin olive oil, Black salt, pepper, 1 lemon, 1 lime.

Accurately wash apricots and dry them, prepare marinade with evo oil, lemon juice and lime and both citrus’ peel, add salt and pepper. Open up apricots, eliminate core and pass apricots in marinade, put them in woods skewers and grill them on BBQ, brush them with marinade during cooking.
Serve them hot accompanied with a caciocavallo di grotta medium aged.

Apricots Chutney and curcuma

Serve it cold with aged and semi-aged cheeses, as base for crostini or with grilled pork.

1kg apricots, 3 tablespoons curcuma, mint, salt, 5 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 red Acquaviva’s onion, evo oil, ½ glass of black wine.

Finely cut onion and brown it with evo oil, add diced apricots and brown well, soften with white wine, reduce the flame and salt it.
Cook mixing for 3 minutes, add sugar and curcuma.
Continue cooking for others 2/3 minutes and, removing it from the heat, add 10/15 hashed mint’s leafs.

Apricots salad, chickpeas and feta

For 4 people
8 apricots, evo oil, salt, pepper, 200 gr feta cheese, 250 gr arugula, 200 gr precooked chickpeas

Wash and stone apricots, wash arugula and crumble cheese.
Put in a large bowl all the ingredients and mix well, flavor with salt, evo oil and pepper.

Spontella’s Farm was founded in 1956 when, in Ginosa, Vito Spontella established the production of table grapes with sheeted structure, absolutely innovative at that time. In a short time, first Spontella's grapes, then apricots became synonymous of quality and highly appreciated by national and foreign markets.