Properties and benefits

of table grapes

There are so many benefits for the health. It’s rich of water, mineral salts and A,B and E vitamins. His peel is rich of flavonoids as anthocyanin and resveratrol which facilitate the cell renewal, preventing in the skin the increase of destructive enzymes of the elastic and collagen fibers and protecting and stabilizing the structure of skin proteins.

Another important feature of grapes is that of controlling cholesterol in blood, thanks to resveratrol which prevents the oxidation of molecules LDL, responsible for transporting cholesterol in blood. Grapes is also useful against the haemorrhoids, because flavonoids (present in all fruits and violet vegetables), with the help of A,B,C and E vitamins, repair the skin and reinforce blood vessels.

It’s also to remember the diuretic action, thanks to the content of water and potassium, able to aid the elimination of liquids through kidneys, regulating the blood pressure (grape is useful in case of hypertension). The diuretic action is aided also by sodium’s reduced amount. Finally, grapes are suitable in sportsmen at the end of physical activity, in order to reintegrate mineral salts, water and overall sugar lost after training.
From a cosmetic point of view, benefits of grapes are used for skin and hair, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

  1. Prevent cardiovascular diseases
    Protect endothelial function and reduce lipid in blood.
    His juice has powerful properties useful for atherosclerosis prevention.
  2. Antioxidant
    It has antioxidant and anticancer properties, due mostly to content of polyphenols and resveratrol.
  3. Salutary for the skin
    The grape is very rich of dietary mineral, vitamins A, B, C and polyphenols and it has restorative and antioxidant properties, fighting free radicals.
  4. Strengthen immune system
    The grape strengthens immune system because contains quercitrin, which give a lot of energy thanks to its antioxidant properties.
  5. Salutary for bones
    It’s one of the few fruits which contains boron, facilitating the assimilation of calcium and the deposition inside the osseous tissue.
  6. Reduces blood pressure
    The grape contains a lot of potassium and few sodium, stimulating diuresis: an useful benefit for people suffering from hypertension and renal diseases.

Spontella’s Farm was founded in 1956 when, in Ginosa, Vito Spontella established the production of table grapes with sheeted structure, absolutely innovative at that time. In a short time, first Spontella's grapes, then apricots became synonymous of quality and highly appreciated by national and foreign markets.