Our apricots

A cure-all for feeding

We selected through the years the tastiest apricots’ varieties with deepest colors and lushest pulp. They grow up rocked by the mild climate of Ginosa’s hills overlooked on Jonio sea, mature with Apulia’s hot sunbeams, they are manually cropped at the right maturity’s degree and immediately wrapped up and shipped in order to arrive quickly sweet and very rich of nutritional values on the table. From May to June Spontella’s apricots are the ideal food to assimilate energy, antioxidants and precious mineral nutrients.

eat well, live better

Curative benefits of apricots

Apricots are a rich fruit of vitamins, mineral salts and fibers. They’re precious for the skin and for the eyes. Furthermore, apricots are a precious source of antioxidants, necessary to our organism to protect organs and tissues from the action of free radicals

  1. Precious for the skin
    Apricots contain beta-carotene which stimulate the production of melanin, substance protecting skin from sunrays.
  2. Vitaminic
    They’re rich of A and C vitamins, potassium and fibers.
    Apricots are a salutary feeding.
  3. Antioxidant
  4. Anti-inflammatory
    Apricots contain catechins, flavonoids aiding our organism to fight the inflammations.
  5. Protect the sight
    Carotenoids contained in apricots protect sight, particularly from the damages caused by the advanced age
  6. Rich of fibers
    Apricots prevent from constipation. The presence of fibers, in fact, aids to stimulate the intestinal peristalsis.

Productive cycle


The productive cycle of our apricots was predisposed following a complete row and respecting what is rigorously affirmed from the sanitary norms which regulate crops in general. The climate and soil’s characteristics of our cultivation area are very important in reference to the apricot tree which needs sunny position and mild temperature.

Apricots-based recipes

Three exclusive recipes with particular taste

Apricots are typical fruits of hot seasons. From May to August is possible to find them on fruit stands and they’re a precious ingredient to prepare excellent dishes.
We selected three recipes by Valentina De Palma, known for participating to transmissions on Gambero Rosso, La7 and for broadcasting “Chef in tacchi a spillo” on Telenorba.

Spontella’s Farm was founded in 1956 when, in Ginosa, Vito Spontella established the production of table grapes with sheeted structure, absolutely innovative at that time. In a short time, first Spontella's grapes, then apricots became synonymous of quality and highly appreciated by national and foreign markets.