From our vineyard to table of consumers all around the world, our grape arrives fresh and tasty as freshly harvest. Red Globe, Crimson, Regal and Scarlatte: the varieties “long shelf life” are the most addicted to face overseas trips. The containers of Spontella’s grapes arrive by sea in large quantities all around the world. But also in smaller amounts thanks to our service of aerial expeditions even more required in Countries such as Maldives, Qatar, Oman.
Terms expeditions: EXW, FOB, CIF.
Payment term overseas: LC, CAD, 30% advance and 70% LC or before shipment.

Spontella’s Farm was founded in 1956 when, in Ginosa, Vito Spontella established the production of table grapes with sheeted structure, absolutely innovative at that time. In a short time, first Spontella's grapes, then apricots became synonymous of quality and highly appreciated by national and foreign markets.